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Origin Sheila Broflovski | Ike Broflovski; Sheila Broflovski; Kyle Schwartz; brief relationships with random original characters when Kenny wants to get laid; Asexual Kyle Broflovski; Pansexual Kenny McCormick; Princess Kenny McCormick; Aged-Up Character(s) AU; Unrequited Love; turned requited; the 4th graders are 20; Summary. After all that. For instance, when she found out that Gerald Broflovski and Stuart McCormick used to be friends in high school she arranged a fishing date between the two (which had bad results.) Kelly | You see, Mom. Influence Her bigotry towards Canadians outweighs even that of Cartman, who has never shown any real racism or xenophobia towards Canada. Entraîneur: Keass Club: Equipe: Points : 846 (855) Général : 60. Sorry. Super Craig | Terrance and Phillip | Sheila and Bill Clinton in "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut". She is also quite quick to anger when she is challenged, or more correctly when someone tries to tell her she's wrong. Well, no offense. Gregory | Her best-known protests are probably the ones connected to the Terrance and Philip show. Matt Stone et Trey Parker doublent la plupart des personnages masculins de la série, alors que April Stewart et Mona Marshall doublent actuellement les personnages féminins, autrefois doublés par Mary Kay Bergman et Eliza Schneider. Sir Ike Moisha Broflovski, né avec le nom de Peter Gintz, est le petit frère de Kyle dans la série animée de South Park.Son nom est une allusion au mot « Kike », qui désigne un Juif aux États-Unis. Age: 30. Age (as of now) 10. Mayor McDaniels | If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Goals Bradley Biggle | ID: 22950. "I'm a Big Boy, I took a big boy poop!" Sheila Francine Broflovski is on Facebook. Tennis de Table Manager - statistiques de Sheila Broflovski. Tweak Bebe Stevens | Leader of Parents Against the Canadians (formerly) Organizations & Other Groups Brian Boitano | Heidi Turner | Elle est la voix française d'Allison Janneyet aussi connue pour doubler toutes les voix féminines de la sérieSouth Park, commeWendy Testaburger, ou encore Bebe Stevens. Toolshed | An example of this is her personal murder of Terrence and Phillip, as it was fueled when people began to realize that Kyle was right and she was wrong. Gerald Broflovski | Sheila Broflovski is Kyle's overprotective mother, Ike's adoptive mother and Gerald Broflovski's wife and a major character in South Park. Alignments. Terrence and Phillip (formerly) Canadians (formerly), Satan (formerly), Saddam Hussein, Eric Cartman (Possibly) Sommaire. Scuzzlebutt | Devotion. Cesar Millan | Jimmy Valmer | Underneath his hat, he has a bright red Jewfro, a hairstyle he seems to resent. Sheila on SP Studios. Freddy Krueger | Classic editor History Comments Share. Doctor Timothy | Liane Cartman | Scott Malkinson | Family Human Kite | Father Maxi | She is also a very pretentious and delusional hypocrite, as she thinks that murder, torture, and horrific, deplorable violence are acceptable in order to eliminate vulgarity and toilet humour, despite using some of these herself. Marvin Marsh (Grandfather), Gerald Broflovski (Father), Sheila Broflovski (Mother), Ike Broflovski (Younger Stepbrother) Physical Description. Edit. Interfering with the town. Kyle Broflovski / Kenny McCormick (voice) Mona Marshall . Powers/Skills Confiance. Crimes Good. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Sheila_Broflovski?oldid=4097217. Hobby She was the cause of the America-Canada War and was the leader behind "Mothers Against Canada" (M.A.C.). An example being that she shot Terrance and Phillip when Kyle told her she was wrong in starting a war with Canada when all he did was go see an R rated movie, in normal episodes when Kyle tries to talk back Sheila raises her voice and gives him into trouble no matter how right he might be to do so. Sheila est la femme de Gerald et la matriarche de la famille. Sergeant Harrison Yates | accidentally. Hair color. Phillip "Pip" Pirrup, Adults of South Park sont interdits par les conditions générales d'utilisation de Skyrock et que tu peux être identifié par ton adresse internet ( si quelqu'un porte plainte.. Connecte-toi # Posté le vendredi 29 juin 2007 07:48 In fact, he has even created a song to make fun of her entitled "Kyle's Mom is a Bitch". Eric Cartman | Mr. Garrison | Randy Marsh | Professor Chaos | Princess Kenny | Sheila Broflovski | SkankHunt42 | Craig Tucker | Shelly Marsh | Clyde Donovan | Mr. Hat | Stephen Stotch | Linda Stotch | Father Maxi | Harrison Yates | Heidi Turner | PC Principal | Scott Tenorman | Chef | Woodland Critters | Mitch Conner | Big Bad Government Guy | Manbearpig | Nathan | Mimsy | Tad Mikowsky | Jenkins the Griefer | Leslie Meyers | Kevin | Lennart Bedrager | Scott the Dick | Canadian President | Trent Boyett | Bat-Dad | Grandma Stotch | Cthulhu Cult Leader | Beelzaboot | Geldon | Frosty | Reality | Michael Deets | Stan's Goldfish | Mr. Gueermo | Veronica | William P. Connelly | Veritzen's Tolerance Camp Warden | Funnybot | Miss Havisham | Don Memberberry | Tubbs | The Weatherheads | Stephen Tamill People with Gerald Broflovski DNA are seen as morally sound, but it’s easy for them to get carried away at the behest of their inner internet trolls. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. Sheila Broflovskiis Kyle's overprotective mother, Ike's adoptive mother and Gerald Broflovski's wife and a major character in South Park. In retrospect, either the relationship between Gerald and Stuart OR the fact that the Broflovskis are from New Jersey may be non-canon, unless Stuart McCormick lived in New Jersey with Gerald prior, or Gerald and Stuart went to high school together in South Park or some other location, before Gerald moved to New Jersey and impregnated Sheila with Kyle. National : 2. went to her head and made her insane to the point where after discovering Ike, Cartman, and Kyle were at the USO show, General Plymkin thinks they are "Canadian Sympathizers" and wanted them executed along side with Terrance and Phillip and apparently she and Cartman's mom were okay with it while Stan and Kenny's mothers were shocked at this act. Occupation Sheila is strict and very protective about her family and has often led huge campaigns against beliefs and other such examples which she believes are unsafe, often going too far in her efforts and steamrolling her son in the process. Statistiques. Timmy Burch | Sheila in "Death" Sheila in "Margaritaville" Sheila in "It's a Jersey Thing" Sheila as a Jersey. (#HappyHolograms) Family. Torturing the Canadians (formerly; except Ike)Controlling Kyle and Ike Human. Annie Knitts | Gerald et Sheila Broflovski. Article détaillé : Gerald et Sheila Broflovski. This was first shown in "How to Eat with Your Butt"; he is seen without his hat in "Lil' Crime Stoppers", "South Park is Gay! InfluenceControlling Kyle and Ike Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Alias PC Principal, Other Characters Sharon Marsh | Real Life Figures & Icons Commenter N'oublie pas que les propos injurieux, racistes, etc. However, she was the (former) tertiary antagonist of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Ils sont les parents de Kyle et Ike . When further derided by Chef, she initially attempted to justify her actions, saying that she had only been trying to make the world a better place for children, but eventually saw that her hatred had just given way to more hatred until nearly uncontrollable violence had resulted. Mr. Slave | Sharon Marsh, Liane Cartman, Carol McCormick, Linda Stotch, Mrs. Testaburger, Mrs. Stevens, Laura Tucker, Linda Black, Sarah Valmer, Mrs. Arrogant Control Freak, ArsonMurderAttempted world dominationAbuseAttempted genocide. Osztálytársaival és barátaival, Stan Marshsal, Eric Cartmannel, valamint Kenny McCormickkal együtt a sorozat központi alakja. Sheila Broflovski is Kyle Broflovski's Jewish mother and a major character from South Park. Images of Sheila Broflovski. Mayor of Imaginationland | Butters Stotch | Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman (Sometimes), Kenny McCormick, Butters Stotch. Kyle est un des quatre personnages principaux de South Park, avec Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman et Kenny McCormick. As S-Woww Tittybang, Sheila punched many bitches in the face. Mrs. BroflovskiKyle's MomS-Woww Titty Bang Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She also fronted a disco act called Sheila and B. Type of Hero Eric Cartman | Gary Harrison | Sharon Marsh (voice) Regarder South Park saison 21 en streaming . Les autres voix sont fournies par Adrien Beard (Token Black), Vernon Chatman (Servietsky), Jennifer Howell (Bebe Stevens), et John Hansen (M. Esclave). Goals Red | Marie-Laure Benestonest une comédienne et directrice artistique française spécialisée dans ledoublage. The Goth Kids | Even though she means well, Sheila is a middle-aged shameless control freak and morality-obsessed madwoman who constantly interferes with the town in ways that are often violent, dangerous, disastrous, prejudicial, temperamental, disadvantageous, destructive, harmful, and detrimental, she views kids as innocent and vulnerable (despite the kids of South Park often being smarter than the adults) and she thinks that even the slightest bit of controversial content will corrupt them. Gerald and Sheila Broflovski (sometimes spelled Broslovski, Broslofski, Brovlofski or Broflofski) are fictional characters in the animated television series South Park.The two are an upper middle-class married Jewish couple who raise their ten-year-old son Kyle and three-year-old Canadian-born adopted son Ike in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado. Alias (Unfortunately for Cartman, Sheila's ability to interfere went beyond even his knowledge, as she caught him singing the song and had him fitted with a V-Chip to prevent him from swearing as punishment, much to his anger.). Red. Santa Claus | Tweek Tweak | Randy Marsh | Ugly Bob | Continental : 12. Ike isKyle Broflovski's adopted little brother fromCanada. Age: Inconnu, probablement milieu de la quarantaine: Famille: Kyle et Ike (fils) Créé par: Trey Parker et Matt Stone: Série(s) South Park: Première apparition: La Mort: Doublage: Matt Stone et Mona Marshall: Gerald et Sheila Broflovski sont deux personnages de la série South Park, doublés par Matt Stone et Mona Marshall. Memorable Quotes "You see, Kyle. Mr. Garrison | Marvin Marsh | She is frequently despised and insulted byCartman, who calls her a 'bitch' as she usually spoils his misguided fun. Eredeti hangját Matt Stone kölcsönzi – aki némiképp mintául is szolgált a szereplő megalkotásához – állandó magyar hangja Dolmány Attila. Full Name South Park contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. Cleo Broflovski … Linda Stotch | Kyle Broflovski est un des personnages principaux de la série télévisée d'animation South Park. Terrence and Phillip (formerly) Canadians (formerly), Satan (formerly), Saddam Hussein, Eric Cartman (Possibly). Occupation Gerald est le père et le chef de la famille. South Park/Ice Age < South Park. Friends. Tennis de Table Manager - statistiques de Sheila Broflovski He is often noted for this, as well as his intelligence. Stuart McCormick | She was voiced by the late Mary Kay Bergman in the first three seasons and is currently voiced by Mona Marshall, who also voiced Lucemon, Shelly Marsh, and Krailoni. Upon hearing of anything she finds offensive, Sheila exclaims her catchphrase, and often starts something up about it. Powers/Skills En ce moment, vous pouvez regarder "South Park - Saison 21" en streaming sur Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, SFR Play ou l`acheter en téléchargement sur Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Microsoft Store. Her long red hair is done up in a beehive style. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Regarder South Park Saison 1 dessin animé stream complet gratuit. This aspect of Sheila's was dropped from the main film as it seemed to be very uncharacteristic of her and to make her more sympathetic as she saw what the war lead to. Kyle Broflovski | In the 8th draft of the script for the movie, it is clear that the power of leading M.A.C. Big Gay Al | Super Adventure Club | Blaintology | Ginger Separatist Movement | Crab People | Orange County Crew | Zombies | NAMBLA | Klansmen | Joozians | TrollTrace.com | Memberberries | Cult of Cthulhu | TynaCorp, Censor all profanity and vulgar words from children by executing the Canadian comedians, Terrence and Phillip, and go to war with Canada to prevent any more of their content from corrupting America, Blame Canada - South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut (3 9) Movie CLIP (1999) HD. Hobby "WHAT WHAT WHAAAT!" Type of Villain Kyle a toujours été considéré comme l'un des enfants les plus intelligents dans South Park, et chaque fois que des choses folles se produisent dans South Park, Kyle et son meilleur ami Stan, sont là pour être les voix de la raison et aide à résoudre les problèmes, souvent avec un petit discours moral gai , ce qui est devenu la marque de Kyle parmi ses amis, pour le meilleur comme pour le pire. She served as the secondary antagonist in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Sheila_Broflovski?oldid=2092449. In all instances, she refused to listen to her son. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Mrs. BroflovskiKyle's MomS-Woww Titty Bang Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. Sheila's constant ability to vex others and interfere has earned her much hatred from Cartman, who created a song to mock her entitled "Kyle's Mom's A Big Fat Bitch." Cartman once noted this happens usually once a month, demanding to know why at the exact same time of the month, she always gets irritated by something, and he always ends up getting screwed by it. The Matzo Ball. Officer Barbrady | Ike's voice has been provided by many children, usually relatives of show personneldue to their young-sounding voice, as described during the commentary of "Trapper Keeper". Although Sheila does no villainous acts for monetary gain or power and has her loved ones' best interest at heart, she can't stand being challenged, indicating severe narcissism. Biographie []. Sheila Broflovski aus der Serie "''South Park"'' South Park - Mrs Broflovski par South Park - Mrs Broflovski - L'Echange - Communauté - Les Sims 3 Votre navigateur n'est pas à jour et risque de ne pas afficher toutes les caractéristiques du site. Ned Gerblansky | He is the on and off archenemy of Cartman. Friends/Allies Clyde Donovan | Gender. Nichole Daniels | Relatives. Full Name God | Une adaptation en film est sorti en 1999. History Talk (0) Share. Because this is our first animated theatrical movie that is rated "R". Regarder South Park Saison 1 dessin animé streaming HD gratuit complet en VF. Sheila wears a midnight blue dress suit with a white shirt and a violet red skirt underneath. However, he does tend to abuse his position in power from time to time, as shown in Major Boobage when he broke a law that he just passed regarding the ownership of cats in South Park, Colora… After the war began she went on a insane rant about how perfect her plan is to eliminate "not pretty things" and among other things admitted that Kyle wasn't born in a hospital. Craig Tucker | To this end, she had no qualms about setting guard dogs on Mole, ending his life. Willzyx | Karen McCormick | Murrey Broflovski. Kyle Broflovski . Individuals ", "Quest for Ratings", "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina", "The Losing Edge", "Elementary School Musical", "W.T.F. Shelia. Sheila wears a midnight blue dress suit with a white shirt and a violet-red skirt underneath. He has handled several matters throughout the show, such as getting Chef's name put forward for the album "Stinky Britches". Evil-doer Sheila BROFLOVSKI . Edit. Ike Broflovski. This article's content is marked as Mature The page Sheila Broflovski contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. Memorable Quotes "WHAT WHAT WHAT!" Jessie | Kyle Broflovski,exprimé parMatt Stone, et William Coryn il est l'un des personnages principaux, avecStan Marsh,Kenny McCormicketEric Cartman.Il est généralement de deuteragonist de l'émission, avec Stan comme le protagoniste, mais ils changent souvent des rôles,il y a changement doublage il sera Fanny Bloc, Xavier Percy et Fanny Roy. In the end, after Saddam's defeat at the hands of Cartman (who used his malfunctioning V-Chip to attack and weaken him with a string of obscenities and phrases) and Satan (who simply threw him back down into hell and impaled him on a rock), Sheila admitted to Kyle that she was wrong and that Cartman's tendency to swear had saved the world. To this end, she has staged a number of crazy stunts to "protect" the youth of South Park or force tolerance, often taking it to the extremes - she has even tried to declare all-out war on Canada (with the now famous song "Blame Canada") over the vulgar Terence and Phillip movie Asses of Fire during Bigger, Longer and Uncut, crossing the Moral Event Horizon. Iron Maiden | Ike Broflovski | Kyle Gerald Broflovski a South Park című amerikai animációs sorozat egyik szereplője. Sheila Broflovski Sheila Broflovski. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. "Blame Canada!" And all R rated movies needs to have swearing and cursing in them such as the F and the S words in them. Sheila also red lipstick and gold earrings. 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