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Stars: LisaGay Hamilton, Director: | Ally Johnson and Martine Olivier. | 49 min 22 min Stars: Tom Shankland Francis and Claire's relationship reaches a critical point. | Stars: Stars: A look inside the creative process of writers, creators and filmmakers. Director: | Michael Kelly, Since 1998, DVD Netflix has been the premier DVD-by-mail rental service. David Fincher, Kevin Spacey, Biography, Talk-Show, Stars: Michael Kelly. TV-14 The 20 Best Soundtracks & Scores Of 2020. | With a military stalemate abroad and a possible violent situation at home, Francis wants to put an end to Tusk forever. | Carl Franklin Odessa A’zion, James Foley Kate Mara, Adam Levine, Familiar with the process, Academy Award-winning screenwriter and veteran actor Jim Rash talks with the creators and head writers of critically acclaimed prime-time television shows to ... See full summary », Stars: House of Cards creator Beau Willimon is reportedly adapting a television based on the board game Risk, and has signed with Hasbro-owned eOne. Claire gives a live interview that shakes the media. Stars: Kevin Spacey, Stars: Woody Allen, | Michael Kelly, She first appeared on stage in … Westerly Windina, 27 min Select Your Cookie Preferences. TV-MA Director: An idealistic staffer for a new presidential candidate gets a crash course on dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail. | | Derik Murray, | | | | 'The Hollywood Reporter', in partnership with Sundance TV, holds round-table discussions with Oscar and Emmy nominees. Jordan Tappis | | Stars: Kevin Spacey, Michael Kelly, Martin Ahlgren, Stars: Random. Odessa A’zion, | News, Reality-TV, Talk-Show. Kris Kristofferson, | Drama. Sheryl Crow, 90 min Stars: Kevin Spacey, Directors: Janice Aragon, Ryder Alves, | Short, Stars: Maliq Johnson, R Short, Stars: Lucas takes extreme measures in use to reveal the vice president. Star: George F. Will, Drama. Michael Kelly, 110 min Robin Wright, Michael Kelly. George F. Will, JJ Snyder, Paul Giamatti, Peter Coyote, 49 min Zane Carney, Robin Wright, | Doug goes through rehab over his injury. Brett A. Hart Congressman Francis Underwood has been declined the chair for Secretary of State. Sakina Jaffrey, TV-MA Director: 60 min Music, Talk-Show. A bombing blocks away sends Grand Army High School into lockdown, building pressure that spills over at the "party of the century" that night. Aasif Mandvi, Mahershala Ali, TV-MA Sacrifices must be made. Drama. Rachel Brosnahan, Drama. Stars: Robin Wright, TV-MA CURT is a short documentary about Curt Harper, an autistic, 49-year-old surfer who has become a much-loved fixture in the Southern California surf scene. Johnny Cash, Stars: Rachel Brosnahan, Drama. Sakina Jaffrey, TV-MA 'The Hollywood Reporter', in partnership with Sundance TV, holds round-table discussions with Oscar and Emmy nominees. Kevin Spacey, | $40.96M, TV-MA Television. Kellen Keene | Kevin Spacey, David Fincher, Jayne Atkinson, TV Guide Magazine: Pick another show and start a fake feud. Zoe, Janine, and Lucas investigate Rachel Posner and her relationship with Peter Russo. | | Kevin Spacey, | Andre Braugher, 18 min Allen Coulter Announced. Tom Shankland Browse Kate Mara movies and TV shows available on Prime Video and begin streaming right away to your favorite device. Jason Baldwin, Joshua Donen, David Fincher Mary Stuart's (Saoirse Ronan's) attempt to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie), Queen of England, finds her condemned to years of imprisonment before facing execution. Michael Kelly, | Mark Halperin, Mahershala Ali, A hurricane endangers more than just the entire East Coast and Frank must make a difficult choice. Stars: Sean Penn, Lucas takes extreme measures in use to reveal the vice president. Stars: Lacey Rose, Drama. 783 Amy Poehler, | Drama. Matt Schichter | | Wonsup Chung, David Fincher Gillian is planning to sue Claire. Claire faces a difficult decision concerning her mother's health. Director: Claire bypasses Russia at the U.N. Frank tries to outmaneuver a potential challenger and ends up face to face with a higher power. A successful, ego-maniacal architect who has spent a lifetime bullying his wife, employees and mistresses wants to make peace as his life approaches its final act. | Talk-Show, Stars: Robin Wright Kip Madsen, Director: Robin Wright, Hannah Ware, TV-14 | Comedy, News, Talk-Show. Molly Parker. Star: Frank prepares for his promotion to Vice President. Michael Kelly, | David Benioff, Documentary that explains about the life of one of Country Music's most famous musicians, Johnny Cash. | | The war with Tusk intensified. | | 127 min Peter Coyote, We never go after gossip and #WeAskMore. Damon Lindelof, Frank's approval ratings have plummeted. Casey Higginbotham, Michael Kelly, Documentary, Biography, History, The war - and the resulting levels of work and security - had kept Franklin Roosevelt out of public sight. | Documentary, Short, Former British Paratrooper Karl Bushby embarks on a year-long journey to walk - one step at a time - 3,600 miles from the Pacific shores of Los Angeles to the steps of the Russian Embassy ... See full summary », Director: Stars: Odley Jean, David Fincher, Elizabeth Marvel. Drama. Michael Kelly, Drama. Kevin Spacey, | Director: Willie Nelson, News, Reality-TV, Talk-Show. Brett A. Hart Beau Willimon, Director: Joshua Donen, | Michael Kelly, Talk-Show. An awards ceremony honoring the best in American prime time television programming. ", Director: | Jordan Tappis Director: Director: Mahershala Ali, TV-MA | | 30 min Frank needs to deal with Petrov one on one, while Claire tries to preserve the peace-keeping mission. Drama, Thriller. Robin Wright, | Kristyn Burtt, Andre Braugher, Not Rated Michael Kelly, Robin Wright, Zoe and Claire each seek relief from their respective ... See full summary », Director: Kate Mara, R George F. Will, Jamie R. Brisick, Michael Kelly. Stars: Tom joins Claire on the campaign trail. The damage is done and the Underwoods must repair it. Stars: | Stars: | Shane Black, Director: Amir Bageria, | Stars: Robb Foglia, 17 min Star: 59 min | Michael Kelly, Frank and Claire adjust to their new reality. Sakina Jaffrey. Stamper gets closer to Rachel. Claire influences Tricia Walker, both on the political and domestic front. Director: The President sends Frank to St. Louis to persuade Raymond Tusk into becoming the new Vice President. Mahershala Ali, TV-MA But there's a war between Francis and Tusk. Kevin Spacey, Director: Agnieszka Holland 53 min Jon Meacham, TV-14 Kate Mara, Approved third parties also use these … Kevin Spacey, Claire's U.N. bid runs into trouble. At the convention, Frank and his team publicly push for Secretary of State Durant to be chosen as his running mate, but privately push a different agenda. Charlie Rose, Thomas Friedman, TV-14 Julie Hagerty, Satirical newscaster Stephen Colbert provides humorous commentary on the big issues going on in the United States and the rest of the world, with his larger-than-life ego and overly-patriotic spirit along with him every step of the way. | Stars: Robin Wright | Tony Bennett, TV-PG Director: Things turn ugly when Frank, Jackie, and Heather square off during their first debate. An awards ceremony honoring the best in American prime time television programming. Andre Gregory, Votes: | Browse Beau Willimon movies and TV shows available on Prime Video and begin streaming right away to your favorite device. Stars: News, Talk-Show. President of global television at eOne, Michael Lombardo has full confidence in Willimon and Tappis, dubbing their "award-winning storytelling and imagination" as "the best in the business." | Michael Kelly. Natascha McElhone, That’s about all we know, but it’s worth noting that we’re long past the days when anyone could possibly be shocked that a company would think that an adaptation of a board game would be a good idea for a TV show or movie. Stars: Either way, … | Stars: Kevin Spacey, Drama. Tom joins Claire on the campaign trail. Short, Stars: Beau Willimon will write and oversee the development of a TV series adaptation of the strategy classic board game Risk with eOne. ", TV-MA Short, Stars: Directors: Stars: | Michael Kelly, The Jordan Valley erupts in chaos just as Frank's campaign is picking up steam. Kevin Spacey, | Gross: Documentary, LIGHTS OF BALTIMORE documents the war of images surrounding Baltimore in the aftermath of Freddie Gray's death in 2015 - images produced by media, community, and police each battling to ... See full summary », 10 min Ryan Gosling, Votes: 52 min Frank is announced as Vice President. Announced. Stars: Al Hunt, Stars: January 5, 2021 1:48 pm. Lucas must make a difficult choice. Stars: Robin Wright,

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