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6teen tv tropes

He's pretty certain this was the job he was born to have, and he doesn't want to mess it up. Marlowe is a member of Wyatt's band, and he had a huge crush on her. The first episode follows the six main characters applying for jobs in various shops. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. This is an open source wiki for 6teen, a Canadian animated television series that ran for five and a half years on Teletoon.It focused on the misadventures of six best friends hanging out at the Galleria Mall.Together, they navigated their way through a world of first jobs, crushes, breakups, and teen-hating rent-a-cops within the walls of a giant shopping complex. She hates everything about "The Clones", the girls she works with at the Khaki Barn who look alike, dress alike and talk alike—but most of all she hates that she's stuck working with them. Get Known if you don\'t have an account. My Super Sweet 16 is an American reality television series documenting the lives of teenagers, usually in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, generally with wealthy parents who throw lavish, excessive and expensive coming-of-age celebrations. 6teen Wiki. Has some meaningful stigma against wearing shoes unless she really has to—though she does wear sandals. The first example is "Khaki Girl" where Jude forgets to refrigerate the meat. The rules to Jonesy's wheelchair club in the episode "Labour Day" are identical to those of the, In the episode "Blast from the Past", there is a picture of, In the episode "Lights Out", where Jude tries to join the goth troupe, Caitlin recognizes one of the goths, "Morgana, Mistress of the Macabre", as Haley from, In “One Quiet Day”, Caitlin shouts “Get me a milk. Since the downstairs bathroom is occupied, she is forced to decide between holding it in or using the restroom directly adjacent to her boyfriend's bedroom. See more ideas about cartoon, childhood, old cartoons. For some reason, Jude is the one who everyone trusts with their secrets...even though he's not very good at keeping them. She enjoys sports, fantasizing about attractive boys, and planning for the future, but is also prone to nosiness and has a quick temper, traits which have led her friends to regard her as a control freak. A third example is in the Swami Jude episode, where the real Swami flatly refuses to show. Jonesy bootlegs canned lemonade to Caitlin since the blender was broken by hiding them up his kilt (uniform for his current job). Jonesy wasn't too thrilled about it (Jonesy: "Not gay! Stōked is an Alternate Universe 6teen. She ends up having to go in there anyway after her friends taunt her with watery imagery. Nikki's family agrees not to move after seeing how much Nikki's friends care about her, but she decides that she has to do the mature thing and move anyway so her father can have his dream. In the season two opener, Jude allows a cockroach to get into his food supply and the Board Of Public Health and Ron the Rent-a-Cop shut down Stick It. Throughout the episode, Caitlin jumps through hoops in her bid to find the guy and get her card back from him, repeatedly injuring herself in the process. According to Owen, she and her family moved away, a reference to the series finale of 6teen in which Nikki moved away. In "Insert Name Here", Jude and the rest of the gang discover that he's a closet figure skater. Nobody wants to work at Wonder Taco for similar reasons; the uniform includes a large taco-shaped hat. Jen's a super-sweet, responsible, determined girl who just happens to be a total tomboy. There's one lady who's totally got his number, though, and that's Nikki. He manages to beat Jonesy on the wrestling mat in "Wrestlemania", dump a guy for something relatively minor, he has shown that he can be lenient as well, a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. When Wyatt shouts his reaction in the wrong way, the customers (particularly the females) immediately mistook them for a gay couple breaking up because "Jonesy is deciding to switch teams". Jean is a lesbian character from 6teen. rick and morty theme song,disney xd doraemon,election 2018 turnout,disney xd 番組表,review motorola one vision,newsame,fresh tv cartoons,total drama world tou Nikki's family moves to Iqaluit after her father gets his dream job; the episode ends with the remaining five realizing that while she's not there right now, their lives will still be all right without her and they'll still be in contact with each other. Wiki Content. Only after this mix-up does she realize they look almost identical. Please help improve this article … Welcome to the 6teen Wiki! Jen and Courtney: Both are uptight, bossy Team Moms, and they even look alike. Stōked is a Canadian animated television series produced by Fresh TV, the creators of 6teen and Total Drama.It premiered on Teletoon in June 25th, 2009 and ended on January 26, 2013. Actor Allusion: The mention of "Christian Lotenza" in "The List". At one time she dated Jonesy, but she was so very VERY clingy that she terrified him and his friends. 156,917 Pages. He doesn't mind being different or uncool. After years of watching movies, Wayne has gained the ability to somehow know which movie a person should see. Discover (and save!) Awesome; Characters; Fridge; Funny. 6teen follows our ensemble cast of six 16-year-old friends as they try to make it through their first part-time jobs and life as a teenager. This is a Canadian animated reply to Friends which follows the lives of six teenagers as they first seek, then maintain gainful employment at the Galleria Shopping Mall. The gang sometimes calls her the "Crazy Chicken Lady". He doesn't mind all that much, though, because he's totally crushing on his boss, Serena... who's 18! Jonesy has a new job in almost every episode, and most of the time it's relevant to its plot in some fashion. Originally launched in 1992 as a four-hour weekend programming block on Cartoon Network 1, Boomerang serves as a channel to showcase Turner's extensive animation archives, including pre-1986 MGM (Tom and Jerry), Hanna-Barbera (The Smurfs, Scooby Doo, The Snorks, The Flintstones, the list could go on and on), and older Warner Bros. Animaion material (Looney … It is produced by Fresh TV. Only Courtney is worse. after she kissed Jonesy, thinking he was her boyfriend Smithy. Caitlin is better equipped to shop at the mall than she is to work at it. In "Silent Butt Deadly", Nikki is at Jonesy's house when her stomach starts to act up. Occasionally, she can be self-centered and shallow (personality traits she has denied having). Starr is a vegan and a New Age enthusiast. Jen finally gets angry when she found out in the end, Caitlyn dumps the guy for an incredibly trivial reason, thereby making all the sacrifices she forced Jen to make all for naught. 6teen is a TV Show that airs on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Teletoon | Tropes: Background Queers | Being sixteen in Canada isn't all that fun. 6Teen (TV Series 2004–2010) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb Best www.imdb.com. Nikki nicknamed the three girls The Clones because, except for their hairstyles and eye colors, all three look/sound/act alike, fitting right into the teenybopper stereotype (including not acting very smart, religiously following the latest teen trends and fads and frequently chatting about them mindlessly, much to Nikki's annoyance) and believe that individualism is overrated and that conformity is the way to go for them and everyone else, making them the direct opposites of Nikki. Like Wyatt and Nikki, she often finds herself as the. Among the girls, Caitlin is the emotional Id, Jen the overbearing Superego, and Nikki the no-nonsense Ego. When Jonesy demonstrates the proper mechanics of kissing a chick, Jude gets a little caught up in the moment, and full on kisses him!

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